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Studio Recordings

If I’m Here At All LP

The debut LP From Curt Castle is finally here! Written over a period of change and transition, these songs talk about relationships falling apart, trying to find joy in the aftermath of grief, being stuck inside your own head, and finding new love.

Released February 8, 2019 on True Blue Records

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Art design by Studio Que Sera

Vinyl pressed by Kindercore Vinyl



Afraid of the Lightning Single

The very first Curt Castle single, so obviously it’s a special one to me. Lot’s of different colors of vinyl records tucked away in hand screen printed 7” jackets, each with a unique color combination. They’re the prettiest things I’ve ever seen. -Curt


A) Afraid of the Lightning               

B) Across State Lines (Supernova)


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Art by Rose Egle / Studio Que Sera

Vinyl pressed by Kindercore Vinyl

Live Recordings

Live at the Caledonia Lounge, Athens, GA 2018-02-23 - Hosted by Southern Shelter